Excuse Me! Your dream is calling you

EXCUSE ME_YOUR DREAM IS CALLING YOU-COVER_PRESS 6.cdrDestiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for it is a thing to be achieved – William Jennings Bryan.
You are not what people say you are. You are not what you think you are. You can achieve ANYTHING you desire in your life. Just like a grain of wheat, you were created to germinate, expand and grow to produce the best possible harvest in you.

You were created like God, in his image after his own likeness; you house an Angel within you.  You must discover the Angel within to live a life of your dreams. The real difference to your unlimited future is YOU. The magical key to your better future is YOU!

This book gives you a pragmatic approach to attaining any level of success that you desire. The principles expressed here are fundamental yet the language used is straightforward with experiential exercises to help fully appreciate their application. This book is the result of over five years of research. It is not a dissertation of theories rather it offers you practical guidelines that guarantee you success.

The information contained in this book is both life changing and life saving. Read the book many times and pass the light it gives you to others so as to illuminate their lives as well.

Personal profile of Mbugua Mumbi

Mbugua Mumbi (aka JM) has worked in the banking sector for over 12 years. He holds a Diploma in Banking and a Professional Post graduate Diploma in Marketing (CIM). He is currently pursuing his MBA (Strategic Business Management) with Leicester University, UK.

Mbugua has an obsession for motivating others. He is a most articulate, powerful and thought-provoking professional speaker.  His unique delivery style combines lectures with practical team and individual exercises that put people on a wonderful, life-changing voyage into success and happiness.  He has style, substance, charisma, relevance, charm, and what he says sticks and guarantees a difference.

To propagate his firm belief that; “you do not lose your own light by lighting another’s  candle”, Mbugua has founded Success Signature, a personal development company whose experiential training focuses on two principles; (a)  NO DREAM IS TOO BIG TO ACHIEVE; (b) WHATEVER THE MIND OF MAN CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE IT CAN ACHIEVE. The company trains both individual and corporate clients.

Mbugua is the National Chairman, Kenya Association of Motivational and Professional Speakers (KAMPS).

Vitamins For Success

Vitamins for Success_Cover-Press.CDRYou are the champion the world is waiting for! God never creates junk!

You can choose to rise above every day challenges that create the fog of failure in the eyes of your mind. You can choose to release yourself from past events that make you belief you were born a failure. You can choose to take personal charge of your destiny by leading an inspired life daily.  You can choose to define a new direction to your future.

You can chose self inspiration and decide to change your life.

Vitamins for Success offers you the recipe for your desired new life.

Mbugua Mumbi

Mbugua Mumbi is a highly sought after International Motivational Speaker and Life Success Coach. Born of a single mother, he overcame destitute living to rise to a senior bank manager before resigning to passionately pursue his purpose.

He is the bestselling author of Excuse Me! Your Dream is Calling You,one of the most widely read motivational book in Kenya. It’s also one of the first motivational books to be approved by the Kenya Institute of Education (KIE) for secondary schoolsLife Skills curriculum.


Becoming an “A” Student in Life

cover_b an a stude in life-pressThis book may make you an addict of excellence; read it at your own risk

Eduaction without discipline will only make you a clever devil. Every student has the God given potential to be an “A” Student. But until you realize that you hold destiny on your hands, you will do nothing about it expect to give excuses for underperformance. Your success is personal and can only be fully realized through personal discipline.

This book will help you realize that:-

  • Your Success is personal
  • Your Choices determine your destiny
  • Your attitude is the compass for your success
  • Personal discipline is the engine for the car called MY SUCCESS
  • Success rides on TIME and is fueled by GOALS
  • If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there
  • It’s better to be alone than to be in the wrong company